A Brief Introduction to SUVs

SUV’s unlike other vehicles don’t have a specific and limited definition. In fact, if we only look only into the nomenclature, there are two separate names for these cars viz. Sport Utility Vehicle and Suburban utility vehicle. These cars have four wheels which have the ability and strength to be driven perfectly on road as well as off road.

What are the defining features?

Some dictionaries have given the definition of SUV as “a sport utility vehicle which is a rugged automotive vehicle similar to a station wagon but built on a light truck chassis.” To understand about the defining features of this masculine automobile another definition which is considerable can be mentioned i.e. “nearly everything with available all-wheel drive and raised ground clearance.” Even the auto industry and governments have not settled on any one definition for SUV’s.

But most of them have an engine compartment, a combined passenger and a cargo compartment without any dedicated trunk. Other properties include high ground clearance, upright, boxy body and high H-Point.

Design specifications

They never had a fixed design but still they were always - since their introduction – have maintained medium size with a body on frame chassis. While earlier they were only two door vehicles with removable tops but post 2002 manufacturers now primarily make four door SUV’s with mostly irremovable tops or sometimes transparent sliding tops. http://jackeduptruckbase.com/duramax-for-sale/

How many types of SUV’s are currently in use?

The types of SUV’s in common use based on size are mainly mini, Compact, Mid-Size, Full Size and Extended length.

Are they very expensive?

They have sheer size which gives them additional security but that also makes the fuel economy poor. Other than this the fine design and luxury features add up as important factors in price determination which automatically put it on the ‘for rich’ list. Also the maintenance cost of these vehicles needs high investment on regular basis. Thus, these are justifiably and rationally expensive but unfailingly solve the purpose they are designed for.

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