About Google Penguin Update

Those updates can spot affiliate websites a mile away. The time you invested in building your website was all for nothing if you get slapped by Google, and many times it is harder to fix a rejected site that had you simply stuck to your guns and continued to build an engaging website. The problem with many website owners is that building a website correctly is boring and it takes time. People are wanting instant gratification and want their website getting traffic today, not in a week or months from now. There is a way you can make your site compelling and it really is not that hard if you follow these simple steps. Look at your website like a muscle building routine. You are not going to see results tomorrow or next week, but in a few months watch out! So set aside a little time each week, and simply add a new article or interact with your visitors.

Clean up your text and your meta fields. Change outdated content and update your videos. Change the color of the website to match the season and add some coupons or discount codes. Take a little time each week to polish up your website and you will see a resurgence of traffic and your ranking will also improve in time. This takes a little work, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty a little, it will be worth it in the long run. More information about SEO: http://neueseoservice.ca/

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