Digital Audio Transcription is Extremely Useful

Digital audio transcription is all about transferring audio files into the computer and then doing a word by word transcription of the whole file. This is applicable in all job sectors, be it a real estate, medical, financial, legal, visual media and so on. Most companies outsource the work to virtual assistants working either as a freelancer or as part of an outsourcing company to get their work done. Transcribers make use of digital voice recorders to record the original voice as is spoken by the speaker into a format containing numbers and which can be recalled later for playback. Recording the voice in a digital format always serves the purpose, because there is no quality loss. Information is stored in the voice recording equipment in the same way a computer stores information. Digital recorders have a higher signal to noise ratio when compared to the analog format. Noise means, all the background noise that gets recorded into the background inadvertently. However, this is the most preferred method of recording, because there is a lot of voice quality loss in the analog format.

The quality of voice is of immense importance, if a transcriber has to do the work accurately. Any loss of quality in the voice recording would translate in to the transcripted version. The transcriber should have some knowledge in the subject he is about to transcribe, but that is not enough. He should have commendable listening skills, with sound general knowledge and the aptitude to pursue the unknown. Most of the companies that do the audio transcription work prefer that the audio be recorded in the mp3 or even wav format. All other formats of audio whether it is mp4, avi or wmp, all takes up a lot of time. They are usually converted into mp3 format before they can be worked up on.

To get qualitative work done on digital audio transcription, it is important that the transcriber be equipped with all the necessary tools for it. There are several transcription software that you get to buy – Olympus is one. Express Scribe can transcribe a lot of audio formats, those which are not even possible in Olympus too. A transcriber need to have a good set of headphones, a wireless one is more preferable. Getting hold of a quality foot pedal will leave the hands free for typing. The foot can manage the playback and stop buttons. Check out the quality of audio before starting on the work. Listen in if there are any people talking in between, several people talking at once, any distractions in the background and so on. Did you know that one minute of talking usually takes 4 minutes of transcribing and that is possible only if there are no distractions in the background?

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