Features of Polar FT7

Heart rate monitoring watch is a great technique to help us all in our exercise program and helps us to know our stats such as calories burned, fat burned, heart rate etc.

Polar FT7 is also a heart rate monitoring watch with great advanced features you can also read Excellent Impartial Reviews to know more about the Polar FT7. But before going on, let’s have a look at some of its advanced features:

Measurement of body- this feature helps by setting target such as beats per minute, percentage of heart rate reserve and maximum heart rate.

Polar energy pointer- this feature will set a point for your each training session that will help you to check whether you are improving your fitness or just burning fat. If you’re above the set point that means you are improving your fitness otherwise improving fat burning.

PolarOwnCal- this will measure your calories burnt during every session. This calculations are based on your personal that you need to fill before starting the session.

PolarOwnCode- this feature will provide you with the transfer of your heart rate to the training computer. This will prevent interference from other computers.

Graphical zone display- this feature will help you to check training zone and zone pointer pointing your pre-set desired zone.

Recording history - records your weekly history and store up to 99 files.

Classy look- Polar FT7 has very classy looks with backlights and date & day indicator. You can read text in several languages including English, German, French, and Italian etc. it is water resistant and you can yourself replace its battery whenever required.


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