Get it right with sewing machine needles for leather stitching

A leather needle has a slightly twisted, wedge shaped point which pierces leather easier than regular machine needs. Sewing machine needles for leather cuts as it penetrates and reducing friction. An incorrect or damaged needle will cause skipped stitches and much frustration. The needle type and brand must be compatible with your machine. For lightweight leather universal needles in size 70/10 or 80/12 are satisfactory. For medium weight or heavier leather, a special needle is required. Leather needles have a wedge shaped point that can easily penetrate and comes in several different sizes. A size 90/14 is a good choice for medium-weight leathers and heavier leather may require 100/16 or 110/18.

Modern sewing machines use electric motors and belt drives to move the needle up and down. Sewing leather will need you to find motors with a heavy duty drive system especially made for leather or denim. Leather varies and have unique characteristic that make them harder to sew. Sewing machines for leather have dedicated belt drive systems designed to help puncture the material accurately and consistently. Choosing sewing machine needles is the most important factor in any sewing project. Here are some tips to help you choose your needles for the next project:

Size- When it comes to the size of the needles, general sewing machine needles are not made for leather. Sewing machines needles for leather are bigger in size and must be compatible with the sewing machine in use. Needles 16/100 or longer are thicker and they can be used for thicker and heavy weight materials.

Type of material- leather comes in light weight and heavy weight materials. Each type of fabric requires a different sized needle for perfect penetration and neat stitches. With heavy weight leather a thicker needle is preferred using high powered sewing machine.

Specialty needs- depending on the stitch you want to make, each fabric needs a special needle. Leather whether light or heavy weight requires that each stitch come out perfectly. The wrong needle can ruin the stitching leaving it with noticeable holes. Choosing the right needle will make sure you get smooth stitches.

Choosing sewing machines needles for leather fabric can be tricky but essential for a smooth finish. As you start your sewing project keep in mind these three things size, type of material and specialty needs.  Sewing machines come with a manual, read through it to find compatible needles with sewing machines. Sewing machine needles for leather go hand in hand with the force generated by machines. Metal bodied machines are best for sewing leather and save you more money for upkeep. Sewing machine needles for leather must be compatible with the type of machine to be used to stitch leather.

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