Get the Ultimate Living Room Makeover

Your living room is the focal point of your house. Its where you gather with friends and family, and it is important that you feel comfortable and proud of your surroundings. In fact, if your living room is in need of change or alteration, it is amongst the easiest rooms to modernise and improve.

So, how do you get the ultimate living room makeover?

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Its thought that the colour of your living room can have an impact on your mood. Whether you believe that or not, you'll agree that its important to choose suitable, friendly colours. They can make a room seem more spacious, or make them feel smaller and more homely, and everyone has their favourite colour or theme. Its thought that the best colours for living rooms are warm and earthy colours including browns, beiges, reds and yellows. Blue is said to promote calm and make a room feel bigger, whilst green is thought to be refreshing.

Do a Deep Clean

One of the cheapest ways to improve your living room is to give it a deep clean. We spend a lot of time in our living room, which means that it ends up looking worn over time. Little crumbs in the carpet and grubby handprints on the wall are enough to make a room feel less comfortable. Open a window and spend a day doing a proper, thorough deep clean for an instant improvement. You can hire a high quality carpet cleaner or beeswax to improve the way your floor looks, or special cleaning products to polish up your stainless steel radiators.

Change your Furniture

You dont have to go out and buy all new furniture to make your room look new. Restoring your existing floors, adding designer radiators or reupholstering your sofas can make your room feel like a totally different place.

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