How boxing started in Greece?

Boxing had been in Greece and became an Olympic sport (688 BC), plus it was in Greece it was refined and recognized as being a valuable tool inside the training of the warrior. Boxing is mentioned by Homer within the 13th book from the Iliad (Circa 675 BC) wherein it is actually identified as being a member of the competitions the Mycenaean’s utilized to honor their dead.


At the moment, while there were some rules (for example forbidding any clinching or wrestling) there were basically no weight divisions, no rings, and no rounds without any referee. Boxers simply pummeled each another until one was eventually knocked out or gave up. Consequently, serious injuries and also death were not that uncommon Pythagoras of Samos, who won the boxing crown at the 48th Olympiad (588 or 584 B.C.), is recognized as the first truly "Technical Boxer", for he had been a relatively small man standing about 5ft7in and weighing in at just 160 pounds who never the less beat numerous much larger contestants.


As might be expected, it was the warlike Spartans who were to capitalize most with Boxing, recognizing it as an effective means of instilling the fighting spirit in the recruit through not only building up levels of courage and tenacity, but also using it as a means of teaching the basics of fighting with the sword, spear and shield. In this manner boxing training became not only an effective unarmed fighting style in its own right, but also served in complimenting the effective use of certain weapons as part of an integrated system of combat training.


Spartan society was extremely martial, plus they trained hard and long to get efficient soldiers on the battlefield. It is stated that they were nearly as dangerous unarmed since they were by using a weapon. (Persian historical records of the battle of Thermopylae, where the 300 Spartans led by their king Leonidas, fought a desperate and suicidal rear-guard action in order to allow Greece more time to muster and organize her forces, even refers to these fierce and fanatical warriors as actually resorting to biting at their enemy! ) As being the demand for boxing grew it became split and divided, with one branch being maintaining the martial aspect as a way to compliment the armed prowess from the Hoplite, and also the other concentrating upon sporting competitions (albeit quite brutal ones! ). Thus, you had the professional soldier on one side along with the sportsperson in the other. Who asked that his incompetence on the battlefield be excused because of his success in sport boxing, saying that it was not possible to good at all things and that the only place where he wasn't able to fight well was the battlefield itself, even Homer tells us of the difference between combat sports and actual combat; he describes the lament of the champion boxer Epeios! (Iliad XXIII) However, he or she is also credited with designing and building the Trojan horse through the help of Athena, as it is told inside the (Odyssey IV.265ff and Odyssey VIII.492ff) so, maybe the poor fellow had a point in the end, so we should allow him to off!

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