How To Design A Snap Back Hat With Embroidery

Embroidered caps are the handmade caps which are used to get logos in front of people. They're eye-catching and the embroidery work done on the cap presents a high-quality image that screen-printing just can't compete with. You can also design the cap with your own choice of design giving it different colours and designs.

If you decide to design a snap back hat with embroidery, keep in mind these few considerations to get a beautiful result. Many people wear Two tone wholesale snapback caps as their fashion statement.

Meet The Snap Back Hat

A snap back hat is a baseball cap also called as trucker hat. They can be easily recognised by people. The basic construction of the snap back hat is same.

Things That Affect The Design Of A Snap Back Hat

• Location. Location plays an important role while designing the snap back hat. The embroidary can be on the front or on the sides or anywhere else but the bill is the most common place for graphics.

• Workable Area. Various parameters should be kept in mind when you create your graphic design. The image should be made such that it fits into the embroidreable area.

• Detailing. The design should be made such so that you don't overdo the detailing. Skip the details and aim for the big picture.

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