How To Design And Print Your Own Business Cards

In case you have the right computer software it isn't really difficult to design your own free business cards - it is certainly quite simple. No matter what program you utilize, the basic steps to carry out business card printing are fundamentally the same.

The first thing you want to do is create a workspace. This involves setting the size of the card - most people set it to what the final size of the card will likely be - 85mm x 55mm, however, you can set it to another size for the design process (A4) and then change it later, if you prefer.

With your blank page, use a box drawing tool to create the outline of the card and allow the box a border stroke. Now you have to set up guides for the margins. A 5mm margin is your best bet, as anything that bleeds within the edge later on will become covered.  You can check online the selection of Carbon Fibre Cards by navigating through related sources.

Zoom in on the card so you can see better, and adjust the ruler at the very top left corner of the minute card. This positions the card in the right place. Drag a guide towards 5mm position and the 80mm placement, and do the same thing around the vertical, except put the latter with the 50mm position.

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