PIPO W4 dual boot tablet pc rolls out

Two month ago, PIPO launched W4 dual boot tablet pc, recently, this model has a cheaper edition. It is also one 8 inch tablet pc. Compared with last edition, new PIPO W4 has only 32GB flash memory, and front camera becomes 0.3M pixels, and rear camera is 2M pixels. The others are the same as old edition. Though its configuration is lower, its price is quite cheap, only 80 US dollars. 

This new PIPO tablet pc comes with Intel Atom Z3735F quad core processor, based on 22nm process technology and X86 framework. Its 2-level cache is 2MB. Processor has integrated the Intel HD Graphics GPU, and Intel Burst Technology 2.0, supporting 64 bit computing. The performance of this processor is not bad. 

The RAM of this W4 is 2GB, and flash memory is 32GB eMMC memory space. The reading speed is 150MB/S and 52MB/S. The operation system is Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1 dual boot. You can switch between two operation system easily and fast. 

Unit owns one 8 inch IPS screen. Screen ratio is 16:10, and resolution is 1280*800 pixels. Its battery capacity is 4500Mah, battery life is over 7 hours, standby time is 21 days. 

General speaking, the performance of this tablet is not bad, but its price is quite good. 

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