Puppy Training – How to Teach Puppy to Accept the Collar and Leash?

Puppy training is a fascinating job for some people and strenuous job for others. Usually, it depends on the way you deal along with your dog. You need to scrutinize every action of your puppy carefully and understand its likes and dislikes. This way you can understand your pup better and provide him with better training.

Teaching Puppy to Accept a Collar:

Usually, you may find your pups confused or hesitant of themselves on the leash and collar you provide them. You need to keep in mind that collars are a training support. You cannot use them as an alternative to the usual buckle style collar.

You need to place the collar in dog's neck and permit him to skip, struggle and turn round as per his desire. You need to restrain yourself from laughing or pacifying him as this may encourage him to do this action repeatedly. Moreover, try not to scold him. The best thing you can do is to pay no attention to him. In lieu, you can do some other thing to distract his attention from the collar.

By allowing a pup to play, train and eat well, you can divert his attention from the collar. One time they gets used to it, they may not even recognize the presence of the collar.

Training Puppy to Accept a Leash:

You need to wait for few days before providing the puppy with a leash. One time you find your pup accustomed to the collar, you can put the leash on him. You need to do puppy training activity inside or in a safe and confined area. For more help visit puppycarez.com.

Permit the puppy to drag the leash around as per his wish. Initially, you need to be vigilant and take care that they does not entangle himself with the leash. You can repeat the workout for longer period.

You can place the leash in the work of mealtimes. This way they can associate the leash with an enjoyable event. In case you find that they is terrified of the leash, you can keep it adjoining to his meal, and one time they gets relaxed you can attach it to his collar. For more help visit http://wellnessdogfoods.com/.

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