The Latest Procedure In Eye Surgery

The short sightedness treatment has been changed forever, with the ground breaking new ReLEx eye surgery method, which follows in the footsteps of the LASIK procedure, and sets the bar even higher. Like LASIK, ReLEx eye surgery procedure uses the high end femtosecond laser technology to separate and extract the lenticule tissue from the cornea, changing the shape of the cornea, and making the reflection optimal.

There is no damage to the surface layer of the cornea, and the recovery is quick and painless, making this procedure a routine for most eye surgeons. The ReLEx eye surgery has additional benefits compared to the LASIK method, as the incision is only 4 mm wide, compared to the 20 mm incision necessary for the LASIK procedure. This means that no flap is created, so people with thinner corneas or high prescription can be effectively treated with ReLex eye surgery. The treatment reduces the corneal sensitivity, so it is a perfect solution for the patients with drier eyes. The entire procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes, including the preparation and the post operational tasks. This is made possible by the VisuMax laser which does all the work in one step, without the need for any additional instruments. 

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