Wedding Photography: Popular Terms Made Simple

In today's competitive wedding photography market it is not unusual to be faced with a lot of terminology and in some cases jargon that some photography fans use to describe the type of work that they accomplish. Whilst a lot of this is often useful information sometimes it could possibly just seem like a marketing strategy. It is often assumed that the happy couple will know what is trying to be portrayed well; unless this is not your first time to be married it can look quite daunting.

Below are listed a few of the most common phrases you could come across with a simple explanation about what they mean.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is exactly what it infers, these photos would be the type that are extremely posed a throw time for when everyone had to remain very still as the actual cameras exposure time could take a while. If you want to get Ithaca & Syracuse Wedding & Newborn Photography done then you should take help of the online sources.

Candid Wedding Photography

This is also referred to as "fly on the wall" pictures. The idea here should be to take shots that are usually totally natural, capturing people when they are unaware of the photographer.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

This is normally shot in Paper. This phrase has bought out from the Documentary description which might have taken any shot no matter the situation a warts and all type photography.

Reportage Wedding Photography

Now this one is definitely jargon, it's just an endeavor at making photojournalistic pictures sound more up-market.

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